BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution

15 January 2018

 Following the annual two day accreditation visits by NSF Knight, RDL’s depots in both Birmingham and London have been awarded the prestigious AA and A grades respectively against the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution Issue 3. 

We are extremely proud to have been awarded this certification after continued hard work, commitment and investment.  We feel that this demonstrates our dedication and persistence to achieve the highest level of quality possible in the industry.
Our BRC accreditation has become central to our core business values, demonstrating that the company adheres to a measured set of standards and is compliant to all relevant legislation and to the BRC's code of practice.
Not only does this accreditation demonstrate our commitment to aligning our standards with those of our customers, but it gives them the confidence and security that they are working alongside a business which operates to the highest possible quality standards.
Our staff recognise that our continued re-certification to the standard is now an established part of our operating profile, and that re-certification as a process helps us further promote "Continuous Improvement" to ensure consistency and confidence throughout the supply chain.
BRC Global Standards are now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers.