RDL – Official Event Supporter of the Cardiff Half Marathon 2016

03 November 2016

RDL have been supporting the Cardiff Half Marathon for the last 6 years, playing the crucial role of delivering water to key points throughout the course. This year was no exception and feedback from runners, spectators, volunteers and the media has been extremely positive. It is exciting for us to be involved in such a high profile and growing event.

Based on our ongoing support we attained the position of an official event supporter of the Cardiff Half Marathon. This brought additional opportunities to make ourselves visible across the course and on social media platforms. Hopefully you were able to spot our bold and unique branding at various locations around the course.

RDL were commended by the Chief Executive of the event, Matt Newman, for our efforts in supporting the event. Following confirmation that Cardiff will be hosting a full marathon in 2018, further opportunities for RDL’s involvement will undoubtedly arise and we are looking forward to working with the organisers once again to play our part in supporting this internationally recognised event.